For whatever reason, you people love this crap enough to send me fanstuffs. This is where I put them up.

Icons by Vega:

Fanart by Nziz.

Neil Art by G. Daniels

More Neil Art by Shawna Mauchline. *snoogles*

Also, this in frm Rob K:


Wrote up a poem the other day, at the suggestion of a friend of mine.

Tim Burton's "Vincent" was about a child obsessed with Vincent Price, right? Well, Rob K's "Tim" is about a boy obsessed with Tim Burton.

--Rob K

P.S. The last line in the entry isn't aimed at anyone specifically. Just people in general. Though I'd never kill *you* with a spork.

Reassuring, Rob.

Fan-Comic by my one and only sibling!

Tin! by Sandra Delete, of Friendly Hostilty.

Tim again, this time by Pole.

An amazing little poem written by Rob K!

~Damned Scissorhands~
as read by Tim.

Today a gay pirate moved under my bed.
My closest friend says he moved into my head.
He said he is sure of this, says thereís a lot of room.
Iíve thought about jarring him loose with a broom.
Is any of this true?! It cannot be!
The gay pirate says itís vengance for me..
The foolish brit writer just doesnít understand!
The gay pirate is getting me back..
For those damned scissorhands....